Nus de la Trinitat

Artistic intervention

Nus de la Trinitat

Art and social transformation

Nus de la TrinitatNus de la Trinitat is an means for thought and action concerning sports and the use of the public space in the Parc de la Trinitat (Barcelona), considering the gender relations that are established.

The process connects physical activities and sports, to creative practices such as photography and audiovisual creation, through open creative workshops, image critique and the proposal of sport events that lead to a new use of the place.

The project attempt to answer questions such as: Who uses the sport areas of the park? Who and why? What kind of relationships are established between users and with the place according to the gender roles? Is there a correspondence with the pedagogies of the media?

A project co-created by: Sonia Abián (Argentina), Florencia Aliberti (Argentina), Silvia Subirós (Catalunya), Diego Salazar (Colombia).

Produced for the 1st call of Sports, Arts and Social Inclusion Projects promoted by Idensitat.

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